Get access to FOUR of my signature programs to clear your blocks and energy!

Experience live exercises, energy clearings, and simple spiritual tools and practices to help you move forward faster in all areas of your life.

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Breaking Through Blocks Bundle$147

This 4 class bundle includes...

CLASS 1: Negative Energy Detox Masterclass
Discover the 5 types of energy that affect you, and how to protect and clear your energy on a daily basis. Plus, Tammy walks you through a live clearing exercise to clear yourself of other people’s energy.

*BONUS PDF: 7-Day Energy Cleanse — This includes a “daily routine” of simple steps, a list of what to avoid; Tammy’s listen and watch suggestions for the week; as well as her suggestions for reviewing and swapping products used on your body and in your home to non-toxic alternatives.

CLASS 2: Shifting Your Energy to Realign with the Universe
Discover 6 easy exercises to quickly shift your energy from negative to positive to reconnect with and stay in the flow with the Universe, what you desire and the signs being sent your way.

CLASS 3: Protecting and Clearing Your Aura Masterclass
Energy management is key to keeping your vibration up, and in this masterclass, Tammy walks you through a variety of easy ways to protect and clear your energy each day.

CLASS 4: The 5-Day Spiritual Reboot: Realign with Spirit to Manifest, Heal and More
In 5, 30-minute classes, I walk you through exercises to reboot your spiritual connection, and shift your energy and mindset out of “overwhelm and stress,” and back into the joyful flow of the Universe and its guidance. 

***BONUS 1: 5 Daily Reboot Workbook PDFS

***BONUS 2: 3 Mini Meditations - 3-Minute Reconnection - 4-Minute Surrender Your Worries - 4-Minute Relax & Release

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What People Are Saying:

“You talked about how deceased loves ones can contact you through signs … I followed your instructions and that same day received three different signs form my daughter who passed almost 3 years ago. Words cannot describe my feelings. I’m grateful for the information I received from you and look forward to more.”

North Haven, CT

"The 5-Day Reboot was just what I needed to get me back on track and expand my daily spiritual routine. It was a good mix of in-class hands-on work, and homework. Doing the meditations had a huge positive impact on me. I am sleeping better and feel like I'm spending less time in fight or flight stress mode. My whole body is feeling calmer"
Jen G. 
Savage, MN

“I absolutely loved Tammy’s Shifting Your Energy class! She makes it so easy and simple to create a shift at any time during the day, and everything she teaches takes minutes. I am now using her techniques daily, and can see a huge improvement in my overall mood and how I feel each day.”

Sheryl C.